Saturday, September 25, 2021
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How to Dispose of Your Face Mask

How to Dispose of Your Face Mask / Guidelines

As the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the world and the whole world is now facing this calamity. Millions of people around...
Coronavirus Helpline on WhatsApp

How to Contact Coronavirus Helpline via WhatsApp (Pakistan)

During the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic across the country, government of Pakistan has launched the helpline for the Coronavirus on the WhatsApp...

How to Get NTN Verified Online

How to Get Verified Online - NTN Online Verification If you are the tax payer and you have already...

How to Check Jazz Number – Jazz Number Check Code

If you have purchased the Jazz number and you want to check the Jazz SIM number or Jazz Number Check Code, you...
Clean Split AC

How To Clean The Indoor Unit of A Split AC

The people, who have maintained t heir Split AC, they need to know some basic information to clean the indoor of their...

How to check Wapda LESCO Lahore Electric Power Company Electric Bill Online

Almost all people in Pakistan use electricity, whether they live in a city or a village. The Water and Power Development Agency...
NADRA E-Sahulat

How to Use NADRA E-Sahulat

NADRA e-Sahulat is the e-commerce platform, which is launched by NADRA, which can allow the customers to pay the utility bills and...
Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

How to Apply for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the country and the federal and provincial government have to lockdown the business, social and religious activities...
Change Facebook Page Name

How to Change Facebook Page Name

Facebook is the worldwide popular social media platform, where millions of people all over the world have maintained their accounts and they...

How to Renew Your CNIC Online

It is responsibility of every citizen of Pakistan to make their identity cards and after expiry of the identity card, it is...