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The Best Mobile Network in Pakistan in Q2 2023 Report

Analytics firm OpenSignal recently published its latest report evaluating Pakistan’s mobile network usage experience for the second quarter of 2023 (April to June). The report highlights Zong as the leading mobile network in various key metrics.

Zong Emerges as the Most Consistent Network

The report showcases Zong as the top-performing network in terms of consistency, a crucial metric for users. While Ufone and Jazz closely trail behind, Telenor lags slightly. Refer to the graph below for a visual representation.

Jazz Dominates 4G Availability, But Zong and Telenor Not Far Behind

When it comes to 4G availability, Jazz takes the lead. Nevertheless, both Zong and Telenor remain competitive in this aspect, whereas Ufone shows a noticeable disadvantage. Across general network availability, all four companies perform well with minimal performance gaps.

Zong Leads Overall Network Usage Experience

Zong emerges as the clear leader across most categories in the overall mobile network usage experience. However, Jazz and Ufone also exhibit strengths in certain areas. In contrast, Telenor fails to secure a win in any category mentioned in the report, including video streaming, live streaming, gaming, voice calls, download speeds, and upload speeds.

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