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Upcoming Proton X70 Car

In the past few months we have seen a small SUV in a zebra suit at several locations. The camouflaged model is the Proton X70. Proton is a national car company in Malaysia. In the past, Suzuki and even Honda models with a new emblem were made, and previously some Mitsubishi models with a proton emblem were sold. In fact, Proton started producing the first car almost 36 years ago and it was based on Mitsubishi Lancer. Proton Holding was once the owner of the Lotus vehicles.

Proton X70

Proton X70 :

X70 was tested in Pakistan, and the Pakistani prime minister also received it as a gift from the Malaysian government a few months ago. The X70 is a small SUV vehicle in the C segment and basically a newly identified Geely vehicle with the name “Geely Boyue“. ”It is known by some other names depending on the markets in which it is sold. It was launched in China in 2016 and later facelifted in China. Inside and outside work was revised.

The Proton X70 is basically the same Geely product with some very minor external facial changes. The main difference between the Chinese model and the X70 is the right-hand drive instead of the left-hand drive as in China.

Proton X70 Footprint:

X70 is based on the Geely NL Modular platform, which has a flexible architecture and can be used depending on the use of several models. X70 is 4519 mm long, 1831 mm wide and 1694 mm high. It has a wheelbase of 2670mm, while the ground clearance isn’t confirmed, but it appears to be 180mm. To underestimate the size, I’ll divide the Sportage dimensions, which are 4484 mm long, 1855 wide and 1635 mm high, while the ground clearance is 172 mm.

Compared to Sportage, the X70 is slightly larger compared to the outside dimensions. The X70 has a 60-liter fuel tank, while Sportage has room for 2 additional liters. In terms of load capacity, the X70 can hold 515 l, while Sportage can hold 466 l for comparison.


Like most SUVs in the C segment on the market, the X70 has a typical design. The car is based on the Geely Boyue, but to give it a proton face there is another grill in the front called the “Infinite Weave Grille”. This is essentially inspired by traditional woodwork and carvings that are famous in Malaysia. The grill is wrapped with a continuous chrome.

On the front and side profile, the body lines give a very muscular view. According to the design head for Proton, the front headlights and the overall design of the vehicles resemble the body and eye of a tiger. The roofline falls backwards when it leads to the rear of the vehicle.

The belt line, which runs along the door window line, drops, which later bends at the C-pillar and wraps around the rear of the vehicle. Overall, it looks sporty. The rear taillights are LEDs that wrap to the side of the body, and between the taillights is a chrome strip with Proton writing.

The base model has halogen headlights with DRL, while the upper panels have LEDs. These are adaptive headlights with automatic tilt and high functionality. On the back there is a double exhaust opening with chrome trim in the lower satin-silver color valence of the bumper. The rear window gets a wiper and stops the lamp on the roof spoiler. The front bumper has intelligent fog lights that also act as cornering lights when the steering wheel is turned. The rear bumper has vertical reflectors on the edge.

Engine & Transmission:

The X70 is available in Malaysia with a 1.8-liter turbo gasoline direct-injection engine that produces around 184 hp. Maximum torque of 300 Nm. It comes with a 7-speed DCT. Both the gearbox and the motor are products jointly developed by Geelys / Volvo.

When it comes to Pakistan, there is surprising news. It’s not yet officially confirmed, BUT the X70 for sale in Pakistan will have a 1.5-liter turbo 3-cylinder engine. There will be a 7-speed DCT that was also jointly developed by Volvo and Geely. The “JLH-3G15TD” engine developed by Volvo + Geely will have 174 to 177 hp and 265 Nm torque.

As you can see, the comparison of the 1.8T, which has 300 cc more displacement, does only slightly more power. This would mean that the smaller 1.5T has a higher compression ratio to develop almost the same level of performance. Your vehicle will be equipped with a driver-selectable Eco and Sport mode.

 Why are we getting the 1.5T on X70? 

It’s easy. Initially, Proton will import these 1.5 t vehicles [actual displacement slightly less than 1500 cc] to Pakistan. There is a difference in the operating structure for engines less than 1500 cc and to remain competitively priced for Sportage and Tucson.

Interior & features:

Since the XC70 will be a CBU, it will include most of the features and options available in Malaysian vehicles. Since the CBU is specially made for Pakistan, there is a possibility that the functions may differ. However, when starting, expect it to be the same as the overseas model. The entry-level fabric and leather will also be available, and even the nappa leather for the premium model. The top version of the panoramic sunroof will be available.

The digital LCD dashboard is standard on all panels. Steering wheel controls, push button start and welcome lights, electric folding mirrors and day-night rear-view mirrors are also available. Power windows, driver-adjustable seats that are also ventilated. Two-zone air conditioning with rear ventilation slots is also standard for all panels that also have an air cleaning system.


When it comes to security, X70 will be the champion here. 6 airbags as standard on all panels. ABS, Auto Brake Hold, Brake Assistant, Hill Assist, EBD, traction control are standard. The premium model will also be equipped with “ADAS“, an extended driver assistance system and a number of active safety functions. This will be the first of its kind that a company offers for a brand new vehicle in this category. It consists of lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beam and autonomous braking.

Price & Variant: 

The 1.5 ton engine is the first indicator that Proton wants to be price competitive. X70 will be equipped with functions that the competitor in this segment lacks. I personally think that the price for X70 in the basic form will be 4.4 million, while the premium model can be +/- 5.6 million PKR. Four variants are offered as Standard / Executive FWD / Executive AWD and Premium. I think it will be a very good addition to the market and can be a tough time for Sportage and the upcoming Tucson.

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