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Talha Talib Becomes a National Hero for His Tokyo Olympics 2020 Performance

Pakistan’s weightlifter Talha Talib became an instant sensation when he overcame adversity and finished fifth in the 67kg weightlifting competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Despite little support from the country’s authorities, Talha was able to exceed expectations and only missed the bronze medal by 2 kg.

Talha’s great achievement was celebrated on all social media platforms as people paid tribute to the 21-year-old’s efforts. His performance also helped shed light on the poor facilities and conditions athletes are forced to train in and caused an uproar in the community over the poor management of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

Talha is one of only ten athletes from Pakistan to compete in the Olympics this year, and people started questioning authorities about their failure to promote various sports in the countries. Despite all the bad decisions by the authorities, Talha was hailed as the hero of the nation.

Let’s check out social media reactions:

People hope that Talha’s inspirational journey could prove to be a turning point for the sport in the country. The 21-year-old weightlifter is considered a ray of hope in the country’s sport and many believe he will achieve bigger and better things in the next few years.

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