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Schools to reopen from June 1 in Balochistan

QUETTA: The Balochistan Private Schools Association announced the reopening of schools on June 1 and rejected the proposal to move students to the next class.

Omar Farooq, chairman of the All Balochistan Progressive Private Schools Association, announced the opening of private schools on June 1, saying the government should immediately support private schools through the Balochistan Education Foundation to address their problems.

Farooq said this when speaking at a press conference at the Quetta Press Club on Monday with Abdul Rehman Luni, Mohammad Arif, Liaquat Ali Hazara, Mohammad Waseem Yousafzai, Mohammad Atiq Baloch, Qari Mohammad Faisal Mohmand, Shazia Ali, Sabra Taaq and others.
“The Balochistan Private Schools Association is the largest and most active organization in the province and consists of representatives from 28 district associations. Thousands of private schools in remote areas of the province train more than 0.7 million children without government support. As a result, 30,000 teachers get decent jobs from educational institutions, ”he said.

Farooq added that the current global epidemic has affected every sector. Private educational institutions are on the brink of collapse and teachers face severe financial crises because parents are reluctant to pay fees or are unable to do so.

“Despite repeated assurances from the Balochistan government, no attention is being paid,” he said.

Farooq also said that private educational institutions are trying to get federal government loans, but will now have to reopen schools starting June 1st.

“The holidays were extended until July 15th without consulting us at the level, and the enrollment students were also promoted,” he said. “The Pakistani Private School Association protested and completely rejected the government’s decisions. Even in remote areas of Baluchistan, where no case was reported, the doors to education were closed to the public. “

Farooq claimed that the federal government and the government of Baluchistan are reluctant to fulfill their responsibilities, pushing private schools to a dead end and spreading more ignorance and unemployment in the province.

“The Balochistan Education Foundation should support private education schools. However, financial support has been discontinued since 2013 and a fee reduction of 20 percent has been ordered without consultation, although the number of students has already dropped to 25 percent due to the lack of new admissions. “

Farooq concludes that the government must immediately fund private schools. “Make sure you get financial support to ease your suffering. As teachers of the new generation, we announce the opening of private schools throughout the province from June 1st and at the same time reject the funding of enrollment students without an exam.

یکم جون سے بلوچستان میں اسکول دوبارہ کھولے جائیں گے

کوئٹہ: بلوچستان پرائیویٹ اسکولز ایسوسی ایشن نے طلبا کو اگلی جماعت میں ترقی دینے کی تجویز کو مسترد کرتے ہوئے یکم جون سے اسکول دوبارہ کھولنے کا اعلان کیا ہے۔

یکم جون سے نجی اسکولوں کے آغاز کا اعلان کرتے ہوئے ، آل بلوچستان پروگریسو پرائیوٹ اسکولز ایسوسی ایشن کے رہنما عمر فاروق نے کہا کہ حکومت فوری طور پر بلوچستان ایجوکیشن فاؤنڈیشن کے ذریعہ نجی اسکولوں کو مدد فراہم کرے تاکہ ان کے مسائل حل ہوں۔

فاروق نے یہ بات پیر کو کوئٹہ پریس کلب میں عبد الرحمن لونی ، محمد عارف ، لیاقت علی ہزارہ ، محمد وسیم یوسفزئی ، محمد عتیق بلوچ ، قاری محمد فیصل مہمند ، شازیہ علی ، صابرہ تائق اور دیگر کے ہمراہ پریس کانفرنس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کہی۔ “بلوچستان پرائیویٹ اسکولز ایسوسی ایشن صوبے کی سب سے بڑی اور فعال تنظیم ہے اور اس میں 28 ضلعی انجمنوں کے نمائندوں پر مشتمل ہے۔ صوبے کے دور دراز علاقوں کے ہزاروں نجی اسکول بغیر کسی سرکاری اعانت کے 0.7 ملین سے زائد بچوں کو تعلیم دے رہے ہیں۔ اس کے نتیجے میں ، 30،000 اساتذہ تعلیمی اداروں سے معقول ملازمتیں حاصل کر رہے ہیں۔

فاروق نے مزید کہا کہ موجودہ عالمی وبا نے ہر شعبے کو متاثر کیا ہے۔ نجی تعلیمی ادارے تباہی کی راہ پر گامزن ہیں اور اساتذہ کو شدید مالی بحرانوں کا سامنا کرنا پڑ رہا ہے کیونکہ والدین فیس دینے میں ہچکچاتے ہیں یا قابل نہیں ہیں۔

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