Friday, January 22, 2021
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PUBG Mobile Season 17 Update 1.2 Launched [Video]

PUBG Mobile has released another major update for the game based on the Runic Power theme. The Erangel card contains runes from another world that “give players special power”.

The rune power update is exclusive to the Erangel card and allows players to collect rune fragments to gain strength. There will be three different types of runes including the flame rune, wind rune and arctic rune, each of which gives players different powers.

The lame rune conjures a wheel of flame that rolls forward and inflicts damage on enemy players. Also, it adds a burning effect to your ammo to increase the damage. Wind Rune increases reload and movement speed, and allows you to summon a wind-based shield to block damage.

Finally, the Arctic rune allows you to create a wall of ice that can lift players or vehicles and give your ammunition a freezing effect that delays the healing of enemy players.

That said, PUBG Corp has added a new assault rifle to the game and confirmed the start date for Season 17. As always, the new season will bring many new rewards, including weapons, vehicles, skins, and a host of other cosmetics. You can check out the Season 17 Royale Pass Awards in the video below.

Update 1.2 is 615 MB for Android and 1.5 GB for iOS. Remember, players cannot collaborate with each other in different versions of the game. So update your game as soon as possible. Season 17 begins January 17, and more details will be announced as the date approaches.

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